Death is a common topic in any art form. There are a lot of emotions surrounding death… the feeling of loss, traumatic events… It is obvious why death is so heavily explored in art. In the Romantic Period, death was actually romanticized quite a bit for many reasons. It clearly carries a lot of dramatic weight but death also served another purpose. The French often used death as a sexual innuendo as sexual activity was quite taboo at the time. There are also legends which romanticize death, like the idea of a Phoenix rising from the ashes or the death of Hercules. The idea of life AFTER death has always been a popular subject, one which many religions try to explain. Personally, as a Christian, death is an important subject for me for many reasons. I see death as a passage from mortal life into the afterlife, wherein one will either go to Heaven or Hell (Heaven being eternal life and Hell being eternal death). I have faith in a man who was much more than a man… Jesus Christ, who conquered death, was raised to life and presented us with the opportunity to also escape death via his love. So obviously I take a somewhat romantic view of death, as well. I like to think that this view point on death and our “expiration date” has a lot to do with my fascination with older, “expired” mediums of expression. Classical music, using expired films, shooting with old cameras… I don’t feel as though these are mediums that are dead so much as expired or past their prime. I will go on, after death, to the most important part of my existence, one in heaven with my savior. I therefore try to communicate the beauty of a promise of eternal life by exploring “expired” mediums, ones which will continue to be loved even after the first part of their existence.

… and they are super cool, so thats fun too. 🙂

(For those who are interested, all images shot on Kodak Portra 800 expired in 1998 or Kodak Gold 200 expired in 1987)Val-6



expired kodak 200-2







expired kodak 200-3





expired kodak 200-1




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