The point of portraits…

I really am going to try to post more frequently. I love this site and blogging, but I seem to continuously put it off. Anyway, here is a recent little session I did with my friend Evangeline. I decided to use Lomochrome, an interesting film stock. Basically it is supposed to shift your greens to purple. The film is labeled as 100-400 so i figured that if i shot it at 400, it would be a little moodier and underexposed and that is what i wanted to try to do for this session! My friend Evangeline is loves to experiment and is a highly creative person so I think this session really fits her personality. Thats what portraits are about to me, showing a piece of a person’s personality and letting them speak through an image. If a portrait is just a picture of a person, I am not interesting in taking portraits. Just a thought.  Lemme know what you think about portraits in the comments or just leave any questions or thoughts down there, I would love to hear more from some people here on wordpress. Hope you guys enjoy!








Evangeline-10 Evangeline-2







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  1. So I’m gonna be all formal and ask on here, but what did your ‘subject’ think? Did she herself kind of in this view or was she like ‘whoa I never saw/thought of myself that way’?


    • hey! Yeah, she loved them. We have known each other for a long time, she is a pretty rebellious, free spirited, creative person with a kind of punky style. The moodier vibe certainly fits her personality. She has been sharing them everywhere so I guess she feels that it displays her well! Haha

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