Magazines: Novels for the Instant World

You know, I used to read quite a bit. Getting lost between the pages of a book was one of my favorite pastimes as a kid. Even the smell of the paper is a sensory experience I sorely miss. Honestly, once I got to high school, I stopped reading as much because of all the required readings I had to do. Something about digging into “Great Expectations” really turned off my desire to get lost in a good novel. Before this lack of inspiration, I read mainly fictional stories. Lots of Orson Scott Card, more of the usual teen novels, nothing too deep. In High School, I gained more of an appreciation for non-fictional work, however that was short lived as I realized my imagination could not really blossom in that setting. I started reading less and less until it seemed that I had all but forgotten how to read.

After going through a period of lack-of-inspiration, I decided I needed to read something, missing that feeling of guided creativity that I found in books. Recently I picked up a book by Orson Scott Card called “Keeper of Dreams” where he published a lot of his short stories and smaller works. Some were published, some were not. You have to admit how exhilarating short stories can be. Plots quickly unfold before your eyes, beginning at a brisk pace, building even faster, and reaching the peak of excitement all too soon, leaving you wanting for more.

Even more recently I discovered the joy of magazines, journals, and editorial work in general. This seemed to be the best of both worlds. Short articles that allow your imagination to continue with narratives and thoughts but contain truth, education, and real-life inspiration. I became particularly interested in articles dealing with people’s work and lifestyles. I find that hearing people talk about their lives leads me to higher expectations and leaves me inspired to get to work. You should try learning about the lives and work and creative process of other creatives. I highly recommend it if you are struggling for inspiration. These articles can be found in magazines (some monthly, some quarterly, some even annually), or often can be found on the web (one of my favorite web zines being “Harry’s Five O’ Clock”).

In the future, I plan to delve more into specific magazines, but for now I would like to just share some images of a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and, if you would like to hear my thoughts on any of these magazines and journals specifically, stick around! – Alex

(For all the photography nerds like myself, these images were shot on Cinestill 800t pushed to 3200 on a Canon AE-1 and Dev/Scanned at The FIND Lab)








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