A Little Introduction…

Well, hello there! Welcome to my humble, internet abode. This is my first forray into online-homemaking, or “blogging”, if you will. I would like to not really think of this as a blog… that seems to give the connotation that I am a high-minded individual, or perhaps a self-appointed critic. The truth is, I am just a guy that is about to graduate from college and certainly does not have it all together. As a matter of fact, I seem to not have much together at all, but i like it that way, keeps me on my toes!

Let me back up and formally introduce myself. I am Alex! As I said, I am about to graduate from college. I have actually been here for 5 years now and I am only leaving with a bachelor’s degree so I guess I am a little behind. I am studying music, It’s one of my greatest passions. I love to create a beautiful noise, something that lingers in the air, creates an atmosphere and leads to an emotional response. I also love to take photos that do that, too. Photos that show a little piece of me. I also really like to read… and write… and sketch. Ok, so I just like creative things. Let me take that back, I LOVE creative things. I love ideas. I love to explore emotions. I love to induce emotions. I love the satisfaction of bringing something from your mind and birthing it into reality.

How do you do that, though? How do you create? How are you inspired? What makes you think? And how do you make your ideas real?

Think of your idea as a seed. You do not know what kind of seed it is. Maybe its a sweet-smelling Eucalyptus tree, maybe its a parasitic Wisteria plant. You don’t get to know how that idea will look in the future until you water it and watch it grow. Now think of every drop of water as a different medium of creation. Maybe my idea will mature into a song, maybe a short story. Maybe that idea will blossom into a photo idea, maybe it will find its home in the pages of a sketchbook.

But what if all your water is from the same well? You see, most of my water is going to result in something musical. On the rare occasion, some different minerals manage to make their way in, but for the most part, my water is musical. Well, then I guess that leaves me with more musical options! That idea could be a journal song, it could be a story, it could be a love song. Hey, it could be a song that no one ever hears but me.

Here is the point: over the last year, I discovered that I am more than a musician, more than a songwriter. I am a creator. I certainly do not think that I am talented at pretty much anything other than music, but my ideas are not always meant for music, and, in order to come to fruition, they must be executed via a different medium. This blog is to help you explore your ideas and your creative limits. It will also help you think about trying some new creative outlets. You are not just a writer. You are not just an artist. You are not just a musician, designer, illustrator, blogger, cook, reader, editor, dancer, photographer… you are a creator. And I want to help you develop that identity.

I plan to talk about things that are currently inspiring me. I want to talk about tips for people creating in ANY field. I also want to discuss some specific creative tricks with examples from my own work and hobbies. Most of all, I just want to help you be a better creator.

I seem to only see blogs that are either A) Critical B) Instructional or C) about personal lives and work. I want this to be all of those and more. I also want it to be a home, not a blog. I want you to feel safe here, to talk and joke in the comments, for us to interact. Let’s be friends.

So this is Little Mediums- Less about the medium, more about the Idea. And I am Alex, your friend. Thanks for reading!



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  1. The picture of the bag is absolutely amazing Alex! wow That grain


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